My Philosophy

Boys at the pianoPeople of all lifestyles are drawn to study and cherish things of enduring value; the best things of all ages, no matter what those things are. In any given area, the best of all ages, whether those ages are eons or decades, are labeled as classics. Most people know a few names of great classics in music, such as Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and Rachmaninoff’s Second Concerto. In addition to illuminating and cherishing the great classics, the study of music is a terrific self-disciplinary tool and a civilizing force in people’s lives. When singing, those who otherwise stutter cease to do so. People with various types of spiritual and psychological anomalies markedly enrich their inner lives by the study of music. And people in a more “normal” spectrum of life increase their sensitivity, build discipline, feed their souls, and nurture their knowledge of the best in music—if they so choose—as an aid to becoming better family members, better members of society, and more sensitive and responsible people. Because I steadfastly hold the study of great music to be the tool I describe above, my motivation to encourage long-term music study is very great. My motivation to make young classical musicians of the future is realistic.

Only a small percentage of those studying music will, take it up as a career, while the majority of students study and hopefully increase their love and awareness of great music to become supporters, concert-goers, and those who, in the future, seek to pass the torch to their younger generations. Therefore, I respect the many reasons that exist for studying music and accordingly shape my approach to the individual student. My credentials are exceptional, and I will steer YOUR lessons suited to YOUR purpose. My master’s degree is from The Juilliard School, and I have taught private piano lessons since 1971. I have taught many young students through their entire childhoods, and have sent many students to various music conservatories of their choice, some on scholarship. I am an active performer and thus, keep up my contacts in today’s world and continue to shape my own experience making music for audiences.