Performances and Events

A piano on stageIt is extremely important for any music teacher to perform. Music is an art form that is created or re-created via sound through time, and as such, will be heard by others. Furthermore, the fact that it is ordered, and meant to be "attractive" in some way guarantees that it will not only be heard, but will be attentively listened to. All people who "do music" will be heard, and a very necessary part of a teacher's experience and knowledge must be their ability to help the student prosper under such circumstances.

I am intimately acquainted in dealing with audiences--see my bio--and not only enjoy performing, but see it as a prime means of setting goals to learn new repertoire and have new experiences. A teacher must stay in shape as a performer! One's artistic and technical chops need to be exercised and challenged. If you are choosing between several teachers, please be sure the teacher you eventually pick is an active performer, or if they are retired, has had an active performing career.

Below, you will see performance highlights in my recent years, as well as some calendar dates soon to occur.






February, 2011
All Beethoven recital, twelve performance tour beginning in St. Louis, MO.
March 16, 2011
All Beethoven recital, Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY. Bagatelles, Op. 33, and Waldstein Sonata, Op. 53. Recorded live, CD's available.

April, 2011
Recitals and masterclasses in China and Hong Kong. May, 2011: Performance of Howard Boatwright's "Inventions for Keyboard" (1971) at Boatwright Tribute, Setnor Hall, Syracuse University.







January, 2012

      Juror for SREBRNA SZYBKA, International Contemporary Music Competition for Young People, Krakow, Poland.