Returning Students


You’re thinking about coming back to your piano.  I’m really glad!  The first thing I’ll share with you is that a few years after receiving my Master’s Degree at Juilliard—a serious education, right?—I walked away from music as a serious profession, and even from piano practice.  This is not the place to judge the wisdom my move, but I’ll tell you it indeed IS the place to find somebody who understands walking away, returning, and encountering all the obstacles therein. 

When I returned to piano practice and to music as a profession, I had been gone long enough to have built up rust and residue on my “equipment” and to have saved up a considerable backlog of doubts and fears about my ability  to reclaim any amount of what I previously attained.  I am highly qualified to help you through your return, and through the forest of doubts you may have encountered, such as:

  • I never had a very good foundation at the beginning.
  • I had already come so far!  How can I forgive myself?
  • I never really did learn to read music.
  • I was advanced, but left music due to performance anxiety.
  • Will I get back what I lost?
  • I had physical problems which caused me to decide to stop piano.
  • I have arthritis now.
  • Everything used to be completely natural, and is no longer that way.
  • Is this worth it?

I am able to help you with every one of these questions and many more, and can promise you a new beginning will bring significantly rewarding results.  It makes a big difference with whom you start your studies!  I’d like to set up an appointment with you as soon as possible.